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A freelance photographer located in the Bay Area, providing custom photography services for corporate, private and educational clients.   Although I have been involved in photography for over five decades, for the past 4 years I have been  shooting with my son, Samuel, for  MaxPreps (a division of CBS Sports) on a statewide basis, as well as for a multitude of prep schools in athletic and social settings.   

In between sporting events, I enjoy photographing wildlife and landscapes in the regional and national  parks in both the Bay Area throughout the Western US. 

From my past experiences in this art form, I've renewed my interests in the fields of photojournalism, portraiture and fine art photography while participating in memberships in the National Press Photographers Association, the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club and other organizations.

I've employed some of the latest photographic equipment in my camera bag with an emphasis on Nikon DSLR full-format bodies, portrait and sports lens, remote controlled flash units and post-production computer equipment for both on-site and studio editing. 

Many of my photographs in select galleries (sports, nature, prints) are available for purchase and/or licensing under Creative Commons guidelines.  You can learn more about CC Licensing at this link:

Photography by Douglas Stringer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.dougstringerphotography.com/licenses.

While I allow downloads and attributed use of some of my cool images, you are not allowed to print these images for personal use or sale.  I employ Digimarc tracking on all of my Landscape, Travel and Edition Galleries and also register all photographs through eCO (Electronic Copyright Office, US)

For commercial /non-profit licensing rates please contact me directly at:  mail@dougstringerphotography.com 

All Rights Reserved unless stated otherwise.  Please visit my Terms and Conditions page for further clarifications. 


Custom Prints - the photo labs that I use through Smugmug are all nationally recognized by professional photographers and have served me and my clients well through the years. Custom prints can  also  be ordered with canvas and metal wrap finishes that come to you ready to hang. I always proof the photos you order before they are printed to ensure that the size and quality of the photo will be what you ordered. (canvas wraps require additional borders added before printing to insure an uncropped final image and metal prints usually require a separate set of color calibrations). 

For special request custom orders  I will have the print(s) shipped directly to me for final inspection, signed (if they are a limited series print), repackaged and then forward to you. 


- Maybe you want a sequence of action photos or a group of photos put together in a custom format (e.g. poster size)  I've included a couple of samples in our sports portfolios to give you an idea of what's possible.  Feel free to contact me for additional details or help.

Individual and/or team photos - Outdoor or indoor photo shoots can be arranged for your coaching staff, teams and individual athletes - from traditional portraits to edgy sports styles.

Awards ceremonies - during the season or post-season captured professionally.  

Publications/Websites - I will also  work directly with the media directors/administrators  at your schools to provide web-size files for your web-sites, yearbooks and campus newsletters.  Have your school contact us with one (1) key person to work with us on this 'complimentary' service.

Because I am  dedicated to providing you with the 'best' photos that you deserve,  I will spend the time and effort to make sure that you get exactly what you want and usually when you want it. 

 I am an 'event-friendly' photographer and will respect your athletes, coaches, officiating personnel and facilities.  While on-site at your events, I will make every effort to introduce myself and also lend my expertise in capturing as many of the event's sporting moments as I can.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at your event.  Game On!

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